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Stand Your Ground for Home Ownership Rights!

In an effort to bring home ownership rights to the forefront, and a level playing field between homeowners and their HOA boards. We are calling on homeowners across the State of Florida for special attention to their rights in this matter and the added protections we are proposing.

The goal is to request homeowners to sign a petition that closes loopholes for HOA board members and their property management companies that take advantage of the lack of diligent oversight that is needed by legislators and administrative bodies across the State.

We aim to gain enough support from homeowners across Florida, to have our leaders in congress sponsor and co-sponsor the proposal to these authored amendments, so that it may be voted on and approved across the State.

If you are a homeowner in an HOA community or not. We should not support the rampant unethical and “potentially” illegal behavior going on in HOA’s across our communities. Please join us to close the loopholes, so that adequate responsibilities and penalties are delegated to members of Homeowner Association Boards and their CAM licensed Property Management companies without the loopholes that currently exist.

There are still many states that do not have adequate regulations that creates equilibrium between HOA boards and the members of the community they govern.
Increasing the penalties associated with unethical or illegal behavior is the only way to add more bite to the laws so that better results, are the outcome.
The statutes of limitations for many administrative regulatory agencies are inadequate at best. This needs to be improved to respond to today’s events.
Review our Proposal URGENT CAUSE
Homeowners Against HOA Predatory Practices Act

It’s time to close the loopholes that allow unethical HOA board members to take advantage of their position and protection awarded to them by the community members. We support HOA boards, however, as news reports have shown, not everyone has the community’s best interest at heart. Let’s stop board member’s ability to get kickbacks without the community’s knowledge and let’s focus on buyer disclosures. As a homebuyer, you should have all the rights to know the history of the board without the need to submit a certified request for documentation. This should be readily available and part of the homebuyer’s disclosures when purchasing a property in an HOA community.

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Two minutes of your time is all we need to strengthen the rights of homeowners. You may own a home now or you may own one in the future, when the time comes, you’ll want to have an equal playing field and you’ll want to know that your homeownership rights are not being stripped away. LET’S GET STARTED!