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Thank you for your time! Please support House Bill 919 (HB-919) and read further. This bill is currently underway in the House Legislature and being reviewed by 3 committees. Please sign the petition and we will forward an email on your behalf to your state leaders and let them know of your support to add some TEETH to HOA laws.

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Currently, House Bill 919 (HB-919) is under review, and we have very limited time to show our state leaders that this is something the homeowners of the state of Florida want to support.

For too long Florida state statutes have been ignored as it relates to HOA regulations. Board of Directors in HOA communities can violate Florida statutes all year long, they can prohibit you from records you’re entitled to as a homeowner and in many court orders, the homeowner loses against the HOA board. It is time to change this!

We aim to gain enough support from homeowners across the State, to have our leaders in our state legislature approve House Bill 919, so that it may be voted on and approved across our beautiful state.

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