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Thank you for showing your support!

You’re an amazing member of our state, you take action when action is necessary. Please dont stop there, we still need you to reach out to your House and Senate leaders. We are quickly working on providing you with everyone’s information so that you can find your district House and Senate member and send them a personal request to stand strong and hold the line.

Inform your district House member to please don’t dilute House Bill 919 with the assistance of property management companies and their community association organizations. Even as a volunteer, it shouldn’t be ok for an HOA board member to break the law, intimidate homeowners, withhold records and get away with it. Everyone has to abide by the laws of our state, why shouldn’t violators in HOA boards? Let’s add more teeth to this bill.

Please scroll further down the page to find your State House Representative and click on their link to send them a personal message. We truly appreciate your participation and your tenacity to take action.

State House Members

Armed Services|Foreign Affairs Phone: 202-225-4035

Armed Services|Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Fed Govt|Judiciary Phone: 202-225-4136

Energy and Commerce|Select Comm on the Strategic Competition US and China Phone: 202-225-5235

Agriculture|Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Fed Govt|Energy and Commerce Phone: 202-225-5744

Education and the Workforce|Transportation and Infrastructure|Small Business Phone: 202-225-0123

Appropriations|Ethics Phone: 202-225-2501

Armed Services|Foreign Affairs|Intelligence Phone: 202-225-2706

If you don’t see your House Representative listed here, please be patient as we are quickly adding everyone to the list. You can visit this link to get their information right now.